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gratitude mindset Sep 28, 2023

One of my favorite ways to have my coaching clients transition into a positive mindset is to ask them to remember when they dreamed of having what they have today. Think back to your younger self, when you wished and dreamed of living the life that you are now living. Stop thinking about what you don’t have, think about how lucky you are to have what you have today.

I try to remind myself of this often. Especially, when something goes wrong in business or life. It’s also a great way to start your day. I have spoken a lot about how my day seems to start with a dark cloud over my head and how I change that by being grateful for what I have.  How lucky I am to have the family, the friends, and the career that I do. Gratitude truly works and starts my day in a much more positive way.

In today’s tough market, it is vital that we all be thankful for what we currently have. Yes, the market is challenging for the majority of our country. But starting the day by being thankful for what you currently have will lead to a much more positive day, which leads to more productivity, which eventually will lead to more business. There is still business out there, just look at your MLS, it’s there, you just need to keep going, ask for help, and keep trying new things until you start getting results. It all begins with the mindset.

Recently, the California Department of Real Estate asked agents to submit answers to the following question: “What would you tell your younger self?”

This was asked in a business sense, but I think it would be beneficial for all of us to ask ourselves that question about life. Ask yourself. “What would I tell the 12-year-old me? The 18-year-old me? 25-year-old me? 40-year-old me?

Now, think about 10 years from now, what would that version of you tell today's version of you?

I would bet that the version of you 10 years from now would say, “Hang in there, it will get much better. The life you dream of is just around the corner. Keep going!”

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