There's a Difference Between Being Busy and Being Successful

organization planning professionalism Oct 16, 2023

Recently I have been in contract with two completely different types of agents on the other side of a deal. One was “super busy” and never responded to my emails, texts, or calls without me having to pester them for a reply. When the contingency removal date arrived, I received no communication from that agent, despite my many tries. Once I sent a notice to perform, notifying them to remove contingencies or we would cancel, this agent found the time to respond. As it turns out, his client ended up canceling the contract due to financing issues that most likely would have been exposed if they had an agent and lender who wasn’t “super busy”.(Yes, I investigated prior to accepting the offer and was assured by the lender, who was the super busy agent’s wife, that all was great, and there won’t be any issues.)

Once we went back on the market I received an offer from an agent who actually picked up her phone, responded to my emails and texts, and had a lender that did the same. This agent was seasoned and professional. All of the steps were taken prior to the contingency removal deadline and communicated to me. We are now on track to close a week early.

So, I want to ask you, which one of these agents closes more deals in a year? Do you think it’s the “Super Busy” agent or the second agent?  Of course, you are correct, the second agent is much more successful than the “Super Busy” agent and you know why. She is organized and actually respects other people's time. She is not constantly running around chasing her tail, missing deadlines, and making excuses for being “super busy.” The result is a steady flow of business that was created by planning, following through, and treating her clients the way they deserve to be treated. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that our “Super Busy” agent lost the client when they had to cancel our deal. It wasn’t the client’s fault that the deal didn’t work, the agent and lender should have never sent them off shopping for a home if they hadn’t done their due diligence.  The second agent's clients will call her back in 5-7 years when they are ready to move up. She will be their agent for life.

There is a big difference between busy and successful. In fact, as I preach to my coaching clients, “smart agents make a lot of money by not being busy.” The next time someone asks you how business is, tell them that it’s perfect, you’re not super busy, and that gives you the time you want and need for the clients you have, and the most important things, your family, friends, and YOU.

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